3m² FOIL 150W/m²


Product Code: 3M7F8DP12

Manufacturer: CU Heating

150W/m² Designed for installation under laminates and carpets. Wood must be laid as a floating floor.



Our new FME mat opens the door for easy installation under laminates and carpets.

The FME mat is a complete foil mat to produce a gentle even heat ideal for use under carpets and woods.

The mat is laid on top of our 3mm thick close cell insulation. These 2 combined will only raise your floor by 4mm, making it the thinnest complete system on the market for this type of installation. We have made floor heating simple for woods and carpets. If you are planning on using a wood finish, the wood must be laid as a floating floor.


Within the kit are all the accessories you will need to do the job:

  • 3m² Floor Heating Mat 150W/m
  • 10m² of 3mm thick insulation (If additional roles are required, please purchase from the accessories page)
  • Fixing Tape
  • Digital Thermostat White/Silver/Graphite/White Touch Screen/Silver Touch Screen (Select which you require below)
  • Floor Probe
  • Probe Conduit
  • Full Installation Instructions


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